Do You Really Think You Know One Direction? We Challenge you!

It’s 2012. Our favorite five boys have just dropped the iconic “What Makes You Beautiful” and we are listening to it on repeat. They are goofy and funny and we just can’t get enough of them. The world is a beautiful place and all is well. Life is perfect.

Nearly a decade later and we are still SO not over them. Although it is great that they are still producing music individually (and we love each one of them for it), we all just really miss the days when the boys were together.

If you pride yourself in being a One Direction fanatic, know the lyrics to all their songs by heart, and used to spend your days writing fanfiction and nights dreaming about them – this quiz is for you. See if all your research and fan following really stuck with you and find out how many of the important One Direction details you still retain. Are you truly as big of a One Direction fan as you claim to be? Did you and your friends ever fight about to who gets to keep the boys? If the answer to any of those questions is a yes – you must score a 100 on this Ultimate One Direction Trivia to prove your love.