Outer Banks Trivia

If you have not heard about Outer Banks yet, you are seriously missing out.

As Netflix’s hottest and newest original show of 2020, Outer Banks is an action-adventure teen drama that follows a group of teenagers in North Carolina’s, you guessed it, Outer Banks. The main character, John B. Rutledge, lives on an island that only has two classes: Kooks as the haves and Pogues as the have-nots. John falls into the latter group, but one day, he discovers that his father’s disappearance is linked to a large and secret treasure of $400 million in gold. Enlisting his three best friends, they hunt for the Royal Merchant: the legendary and lost sunken ship that contains riches beyond their wildest dreams.

It is not as easy or as fun as it sounds, though. Quickly, John and his friends run paths with local law enforcement and other treasure hunters. If that does not already seem awful enough, things are made worse when they also come across drug dealers and the greedy Kooks who are looking to line their already thick pockets with more cash. It gets hectic pretty fast and this show will keep you on the edge of your seat, screaming at the screen for the next episode to play already because Outer Banks has it all. Mystery, drama, backstabbing, the power of friendship, forbidden love, and so much more. It didn’t appear on Netflix’s Top 10 for nearly two whole months for no reason!

If we got you hooked or if you’re already a fan of the show, try out our special and one-of-a-kind Outer Banks trivia game! Find out if you’re worthy enough to join John and his crew of misfits for the treasure of a lifetime!