Only True Movie Experts Can Guess This Classic Movies Names by a Frame

Movies that we watch as children become a part of who we are, particularly the ever-green classics that we watched snuggled with our family on a holiday. When revisiting them later in life, classics remind us of who we are and where we come from. Maybe this is why we watch them time and time again, just to bask in that cozy feeling of good old days. If you think that you have watched them one time too many, or you pride yourself in knowing every scene sequence of your favorite classic by heart – this quiz is for you. Everyone remembers the iconic Julia Andrews singing “The hills are alive” in the Sound of Music but do you think you remember what others don’t? Can you point out the minute details, sing along to every song, lip sync every dialogue?

From Jurassic Park to Goodfellas, get ready to revisit your childhood and jog your memory muscles. See if you can match these screenshots to the movies they belong to and end up getting a perfect score. Once you are done, don’t forget to then share it with your friends – after all, everyone should know how deep your love for (and knowledge of) classics runs.