Only a Millennial Would Know All These Emojis Names

Internet culture is all about communication and expression. Texting not only keeps us connected with our friends, it also gives an outlet to our feelings. In turn, it even allows us to be know and understand what our friends are feeling be it day or night. This, of course, is partially only possible because of the advent of emojis. Those tiny symbols representing the daily struggles and triumph of human life, from space to fruits to firefighters. At any given moment, you can tell exactly what your friend is feeling – all thanks to the tiny yellow face crying out of laughter. But can you actually? Do you really think you know all about the emojis? Is that a scoop of chocolate ice-cream or is it a dollop of poop with eyes? When did this all begin anyway?

If you consider yourself the Master of Internet, the sole proprietor of all things expressed nonverbally, the person who remembers the first time an angry emoji was sent, then this quiz is for you. Dive right in and put your knowledge of the history and context behind these emojis to test and see how much of an Emoji Pro you are yourself.