Match These Popular American Foods to Their US States Quiz

The USA popularized the idea of fast-food chains as a way to share American cuisines with all countries. American foods like hot dogs or deep-dish pizzas are now worldwide favorites. Yet people outside of the US do not find anything particularly unique about American food culture.
This quiz is here to tell those nay-sayers otherwise!


Knowing American Food History


Each state in America has a rich history of their culture, including their appetite. Did you know Alabama is known for its mouth-melting barbeque sauce? The white barbeque sauce was invented in Alabama and is rarely found outside of the state.

Each state provides its visitors with iconic local flavors that cannot be replicated anywhere else. If you have dedicated your life to food, you are already well acquainted with this rich American food history. Why not put this knowledge to the test?

This is the ultimate quiz to prove your knowledge and declare yourself an American foodie.