Only Dog Lovers can get all these Dog Breeds right

According to the World Canine Organization, there are 339 registered in the world.
That’s too much! The worst part of this is that there are breeds that haven’t been recognized by this organization. Also, from the registered list, they are divided into ten different groups, depending on specific elements.
We are not sure of how many dog breeds exist, but what we’re sure about is that the mentioned list has enough dog breeds for you to try to guess some of their names. Don’t worry, we include some of the most known ones to make it easier, but hey, the point is to see how much knowledge you have about a human’s best friend (or at least, one of them if you’re not really into dogs).
If you answer all the questions of this quiz correctly, you can brag about it with your friends and dare them to surpass your record. Now, are you ready to see how vast your knowledge about dogs is?